Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary – Naples FL

With alligators, lizards, egrets, and much more it may seem that the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a zoo. Well, it kind of is - but a natural one! With all the amazing scenery and well maintained, memorable boardwalk trail, this is one of the coolest places you will go in Florida. Skip Disneyland - come here! Well... don't skip Disneyland, but do come here for a beautiful walk through in a vibrant, animal-filled setting.

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Lake Dennison Recreation Area – Winchendon MA

Length: About 1 mile Type of Trail: Pavement Difficulty: Easy Stroller Friendly: Yes Dog Friendly: Yes     Though not technically a trail, the Lake Dennison camping area offers some excellent walking trails. The park is open year round and is often empty, making a peaceful outing.   The paved side roads weave around individual […]

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Rhododendron Loop Trail – Fitzwilliam NH

Length: About a half mile Type of Trail: Dirt Difficulty: Easy Stroller Friendly: Not really Dog Friendly: Yes     Rhododendron State Forest is about 15 minutes north of the Massachusetts border, and is in an area known for abundant hiking and other outdoor activities.   This easy loop trail is set in beautiful┬ásouthern New […]

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Ponemah Bog Loop Trail – Amherst NH

The Ponemah Bog in Amherst New Hampshire features some noteworthy plants and animals as well as a lovely trail. Narrow planks lead you through the trail as you appreciate the sights and sounds of nature.

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Dunn State Park Loop Trail – Gardner MA

Dunn State Park in Gardner Massachusetts is a scenic spot that is well maintained. The main trail loops around a lake and is a little over 1 mile. Additionally, Dunn State Park offers other activities, including picnicking, fishing, and swimming. All in all this is a very family friendly place and definitely worth visiting for a good day of outdoor recreation.

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