I come home to my solitary woodland walk as the homesick go home. I thus dispose of the superfluous and see things as they are, grand and beautiful. – Henry David Thoreau


EllasTrails.com was started in December 2011 by a New England family who loves to enjoy the outdoors through walking, hiking, biking, running, skiing and more. There are so many beautiful trails out there to explore – some better known and documented than others.┬áThis site gives us the opportunity to catalog all the trails that we visit so that we can keep track of them all and share them with you.


In late 2010, we welcomed our first child, Ella, into our family. She was the real impetus in starting this site, as we want to nurture a love of the outdoors in her. We feel that maintaining and adding trails to this site will help encourage us (and her) to keep exploring, appreciating, and enjoying new trails throughout the country. We hope it has the same effect on you!


Ella’s mom does most of the writing and photography of the site while her dad works on the other elements. As for Ella, well, she runs the show.


If you know of any trails or places worth visiting that you think we and others might enjoy, please suggest it to us.


If you are interested in using any of the text, pictures, or other content from this site for your own purposes, please feel free as long as you attribute the material to EllasTrails.com and/or link to us.



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  • Jona on April 24, 2012

    I love this site and only wish it had trails from Ct. I am just getting back in to bike riding at 50 years old. Your site is very helpful for that.

  • John Ritz on January 17, 2016

    Nice site! I’m the webmaster for the Hopkinton (MA) Trails Club, and we’ve got maps and links for trails in our area on our website (hopkintontrailsclub.com). Check ’em out! You might also enjoy the trails noted in Marjorie Tolman’s Easy Walks in Massachusetts books.

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