Lake Wampanoag Wildlife Sanctuary – Gardner, MA

Length: About 2-3 Miles of Trails

Trail Type: Grassy/Wooded

Difficulty: Easy

Dog Friendly: No

Stroller Friendly: No


Main Sign


The wildlife sanctuary at Lake Wampanoag is located near Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, MA. It is maintained by the Mass Audobon Society and is a serene place to visit. It features several miles of grassy and wooded trails and due to its remote location, you can count on being the only or one of the only visitors at any given time.


Geese at the Sanctuary


Like all properties mainted by the Mass Audobon Society, the sactuary is not pet friendly (except of course for the inhabitants of the sanctuary, which include ducks, frogs and all sorts of birds and other wildlife).


The Trail Through a Meadow


The sanctuary features a main loop trail that offers visitors a leisurely stroll through parts of the sanctuary’s meadows, woods and the lake. Starting at the sign, heading right on the loop (going counter clockwise around the sanctuary) will take you first through a large and scenic meadow. As the trail heads left, you’ll enter the woods and begin making your way towards the lake. You’ll hear many frogs and other aquatic wildlife as you pass the lake.


Coordinates: 42.611168, -71.966629 (Directions)


Long Grass Near the Lake



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