Miles Standish State Forest – Carver, MA

A beautiful state park located in the scenic town of Carver, MA. The abundance of cranberry bogs on your way to the park may surprise you. This town in southeastern MA is home to many cranberry bogs that sell directly to (or are owned by) Ocean Spray.

The trails are beautifully maintained, and the park welcomes dog owners and equestrians. Miles Standish State Forest has many trails, one of particular beauty is the loop trail, called the East Head Reservoir Trail. It’s an almost completely flat 2.5 mile loop around one of the many ponds in the forest. It’s a great way to get acquainted with the forest.
The park does charge admission during the main season.

Miles Standish Sign

Offering wonderful views of the pond, the loop trail also gives hikers access to learn about much of the local flora.
Miles Standing Lake 2

Near the half way point, a wooden boardwalk helps you travel over fragile marshlands. Beautiful birch trees in this area offer breathtaking contrast to their surroundings.


Miles Standish boardwalk
Miles Standish Lake

Miles Standish Path

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