Millville Lock – Millville, MA

The Millville Lock is one of a series of 20+ locks located on the Blackstone River. It’s located on a 3/4 mile gravel trail, offering an easy 3-season hike, or great cross country skiing during the winter.



A flat, gravel and dirt trail offers an easy stroll. The trail is great for young kids, or for those who want to bring a stroller. It’s also dog friendly and fairly quiet, so it makes for a quiet outing.



Thick vegetation and large rock formations flank the trail.  Most to all of the trail is in the shadow of trees along the trail, helping to keep its visitors in the shade while also offering exceptional opportunities to capture sun dappled photographs of the foliage and trail.



The Blackstone River valley offers many hiking trails and historic destinations, to learn more click here.

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  • Scott onanian on October 20, 2014

    Thanks for distorting my backyard and the forest can’t wait to ride my sleds and quads on the trail

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